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Emily Hunter was in the studio recently finishing the voice over for her short documentary, Activism 2.0. The film had its world premiere at the Planet In Focus Film Festival in November of 2014.

Activism 2.0 is an ongoing documentary series focusing on a new wave of environmental activists that use digital and technological tools to defend in the Digital Age. The first episode features the European-based group The Black Fish as they go underground to investigate illegal driftnet fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, using controversial drones to expose criminal operations. In the episodes to come, Emily continues to develop stories that examine the intersection of environmentalism with innovative technologies as an evolution of activism. To learn more, visit:

Emily Hunter is an environmental writer and filmmaker. Born into the environmental movement, her father was the late Robert Hunter, first president of Greenpeace and her mother, Bobbi Hunter, was the first woman to save a whale by blocking a harpoonist at sea. For nearly a decade Emily has documented from the frontlines of global environmental campaigns, from the the high seas of Antarctica saving whales on the vessels of Sea Shepherd to the rainforest of Borneo putting a spotlight on destructive palm oil plantations.

Emily uses media as her tools for change. She hosted and produced four TV-documentaries on MTV News Canada’s IMPACT and published her first book in 2011 titled The Next Eco-Warriors, an insider’s look at the new wave of environmental activism. She is a sought-after speaker, including a talk on TEDx and a character in Rob Stewart’s documentary Revolution and the upcoming film “How to Change the World” on the Greenpeace story. In recent years, she has developed powerful social media campaigns for numerous non-profits, including Toronto Tool Library, and others.