Adam Teixeira

Adam Teixeira Drums, Percussion and Hand Drums Instructor Adam Teixeira is a drummer, producer, songwriter and educator from Toronto, Canada. His early career started while studying Jazz [...]

Alex Cheung

Alex Cheung Violin Instructor Trained as a classical violinist, Toronto musician Alex Cheung is continuing his journey through many different musical styles and genres. He performs folk, Celtic, [...]


Recognized for her energy, musicality, and charisma, French Canadian-born conductor, Alexandra Bourque, has been working on the musical scene in North America since 2015. She was the Music [...]

Anders Azzopardi

Anders Azzopardi Trombone and Low Brass Instructor Anders Azzopardi is a Toronto-based trombonist, composer and educator. He is thrilled to be involved once again with The University of Toronto [...]

Andre Valerio

Andre Valerio Guitar, Mandolin, Piano and Ukulele Instructor Brazilian multi-instrumentalist André Valerio is in high demand as a guitarist, composer and arranger. Mr. Valerio’s versatility has [...]

Arianna Rueda

Arianna Rueda Guitar and Songwriting Instructor Arianna Rueda is an Ecuadorian singer, songwriter and guitar player. Growing up in a Latin American musical environment, she was introduced to [...]

Ben Foran

Ben Foran Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting and Recording Instructor Ben Foran is a 31 year old Canadian born Juno award winning session guitarist, producer, songwriter & recording engineer [...]

Benjamin Bullett Mortlock

Benjamin Bullett Mortlock Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Improv Instructor Benjamin Bullett Mortlock is a session musician, musical director, and educator. Having studied under and lectured alongside [...]

Brian Abbott

Brian Abbott Guitar Instructor Brian Abbott has been teaching music for over 20 years and has taught people of all ages and ability levels while preparing students for recitals performances and [...]

Bryn Scott-Grimes

Bryn Scott-Grimes Harmonica Instructor Bryn Scott-Grimes is a US-Canadian professional harmonica player, guitarist, producer, & singer-songwriter based in Nashville. With influences ranging [...]

Camila Milla

Camila Milla Drums and Band Instructor Camila is a music composer, guitarist and educator. She has been playing and performing for almost 13 years, has played in several projects, including rock [...]

Carlin Nicholson

Carlin Nicholson Recording, Mixing, Production and Live Sound Instructor Carlin Nicholson is a Canadian mixing/mastering engineer, producer, and songwriter based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has [...]

Carlos del Junco

Carlos del Junco Harmonica Instructor Carlos del Junco first picked up a harmonica in 1972 and got a taste of playing in front of a live audience at a student talent night, jamming on a couple [...]

Chris Chinchilla

Chris Chinchilla Vocal Instructor Chris Chinchilla is a professional singer, singing teacher, live performance coach, bandleader, vocal harmony arranger, and music Theory tutor. He has worked as [...]

Colin Tucker

Colin Tucker Cello, Piano and Organ Colin Tucker is a cellist, pianist, and organist who holds a PhD from the University at Buffalo (SUNY), an MPhil from the University of Huddersfield, and a BM [...]

Danny J Ricardo

Danny J Ricardo Guitar, Recording and Mixing Instructor Danny J. Ricardo, a.k.a. ‘Danny J’, is a Toronto native who started his Rock n’ Roll journey at the age of 13. Danny [...]

Dave Kirby

Dave Kirby Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Instructor Dave Kirby is a freelance professional guitarist from Toronto, Canada. Teaching hasalways been a big part of Dave’s professional life, and he has [...]

David Riddel

David Riddel Guitar Instructor Toronto guitarist and composer David Riddel is a versatile and in-demand musician. Since graduating from the University of Toronto in 2016, he has toured and [...]

Dhaivat Jani

Dhaivat Jani Drums, Hand Drums, Drum Circle, Tabla, Rock Band, Recording, Mixing and Production Instructor Dhaivat Jani is a Toronto-based award winning drummer/tabla player and composer. A [...]

Diego Madariaga

Diego Madariaga Guitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording and Mixing Instructor Diego Madariaga is a Chilean songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and educator. His journey studying [...]

Gabriel Quenneville-Bélair

Gabriel Quenneville-Bélair Piano and Keyboard Instructor Gabriel Quenneville-Bélair is a French Canadian pianist. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance with Lydia Artymiw from [...]

Gaby Al-Botros

Gaby Al-Botros Classical Guitar Instructor Accomplished classical guitarist, music composer and arranger Gaby Al-Botros nurtures his passion for guitar by playing Flamenco, Jazz, Celtic, Folk, [...]

Glen Alan

Glen Alan Vocal, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Songwritng Instructor Musician and educator Glen Alan has been actively involved in the Toronto music and recording scene for more that 20 years. As a [...]

Graham Smith

Graham Smith Acoustic and Electric Bass Instructor Graham Smith enjoys a busy and varied freelance career as a double bassist, electric bassist, composer, and educator. He has more than two [...]

Jack-James Lemaire

Jack-James Lemaire Bass, Band, Guitar and Ukulele Instructor Jack-James Lemaire is a multi-instrumentalist known for his ability to be a musical chameleon. Primarily an electric and acoustic [...]

James Sawyer

James Sawyer Guitar Instructor James Sawyer is an accomplished guitar player and guitar teacher based out of Toronto. He studied Classical Guitar at the Eli Kassner Guitar Academy. His teacher [...]

Jinu Isac

Jinu Isac Drums, Piano, Songwriting, Keyboard and Band Instructor Jinu Isac is a drummer and pianist who has been playing professionally in cities across Canada, USA, and India for the past 17 [...]

Julian Taylor

Julian Taylor Songwriting Instructor Julian Taylor is a charismatic front man, prolific songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who masterfully re-combines and updates the many vintage [...]

Kendra Grittani

Kendra Grittani Cello and Theory Instructor Kendra Grittani started playing cello at age four. She completed her Masters in cello performance at McGill University with accomplished [...]

Kyle Nethersole

Kyle Nethersole Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Bass and Songwriting Instructor Kyle Nethersole is a performing musician, music producer, and music teacher. His passion for all things musical led him to [...]

Kyle Windjack

Kyle Windjack Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Trumpet and Drums Instructor Kyle Windjack is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been a prominent figure in the Toronto music scene for over a [...]

Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson Piano, Band and Vocal Instructor Laura is a Toronto-based musician and instructor. She graduated with a diploma in Vocal Jazz Performance from Humber College, as well as completing [...]

MacKenzie Calarco

Mackenzie Calarco Production, Mixing, Recording and Sound Design Instructor Mackenzie is a Toronto based music producer, performer, educator, sound designer and label owner whose futuristic, [...]

Majd Maary

Majd Maary Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Oud and Recording Instructor Composer, Guitarist and Recording Artist Majd Maary was born and raised in an artistic family in Syria. Majd began his guitar [...]

Mark Ritter

Mark Ritter Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Band Instructor Mark Ritter is a Toronto based guitarist, teacher and composer. He is a graduate of Humber College where he obtained a Bachelor of Music, [...]

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford Harmonica Instructor It would be so appropriate to be able to imply that Mark “Bird” Stafford earned his nickname from his ability to soar on the harmonica in the fiery fashion of [...]

Michell Milley

Michell Milley Drums, Hand Percussion, Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Rock Band, Recording, Mixing and Production Instructor Mitch studied at Humber College in the bachelor of music program [...]

Navid Niknejad

Having studied classical guitar in four countries, Navid Niknejad has extensive international experience as a guitarist and instructor. He began his musical training in his native country, Iran. [...]

Neil Quin

Neil Quin Guitar, Songwriting and Band Instructor Neil Quin is one of three singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists in Toronto-based rock band Zeus. Since 2008, Zeus released three albums on the [...]

Paul Carter

Paul Carter Saxaphone, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon Instructor Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Piccolo, Recorder, Flute, Alto Flute, Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, A Clarinet, [...]

Phil Radu

Phil Radu Guitar, Drums and Band Instructor Phil’s musical journey began at age 9, he and his brother would rent instruments and practise for hours on end. By age 11 Phil had formed a band with [...]

Rhiannon Carter

Rhiannon Carter Violin Instructor Rhiannon Carter has been playing the violin since the age of four, studying under various artists such as Annalee Patipatanakoon, David Gilliam, Brandon Chui and [...]

Sol Younan

Sol Younan Guitar Instructor Sol Younan performs regularly as a soloist and accompanist with singers and other instrumentalists in the greater Toronto area. Along with his work as a performer, [...]

Veda Hingert-McDonald

Veda Hingert-McDonald Violin Instructor Drawn to story just as much as sound, Canadian violinist Veda Hingert-McDonald (she/her) aims to balance personal connection with tradition in her [...]