Adam Teixeira

Adam Teixeira Drums, Percussion and Hand Drums Instructor Adam Teixeira is a drummer, producer, songwriter and educator from Toronto, Canada. His early career started while studying Jazz [...]

Bernard Julien

Bernard Julien Drums and Band Instructor With extensive Live Performance & International Touring experience with major label artist(s),Bernard Julien embraced Pop music at an early age, as [...]

Camila Milla

Camila Milla Drums and Band Instructor Camila is a music composer, guitarist and educator. She has been playing and performing for almost 13 years, has played in several projects, including rock [...]

Jinu Isac

Jinu Isac Drums, Piano, Songwriting, Keyboard and Band Instructor Jinu Isac is a drummer and pianist who has been playing professionally in cities across Canada, USA, and India for the past 17 [...]

Manuel Alvarado

Manuel Alvarado Drums and Piano Instructor Manuel Alvarado is a Toronto based drummer and pianist originally from Venezuela. Who has been playing music professionally for the past 10 years. He [...]

Phil Radu

Phil Radu Guitar, Drums and Band Instructor Phil’s musical journey began at age 9, he and his brother would rent instruments and practise for hours on end. By age 11 Phil had formed a band with [...]

Ruben Dario Bocaranda

Ruben Dario Bocaranda Drums Instructor Ruben started his professional career as a musician in Caracas, Venezuela. “El Sistema”, Venezuela’s world famous classical music program was where [...]