Diego Madariaga

Diego Madariaga Guitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording and Mixing Instructor Diego Madariaga is a Chilean songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and educator. His journey studying [...]

Glen Alan

Glen Alan Vocal, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Songwritng Instructor Musician and educator Glen Alan has been actively involved in the Toronto music and recording scene for more that 20 years. As a [...]

Jinu Isac

Jinu Isac Drums, Piano, Songwriting, Keyboard and Band Instructor Jinu Isac is a drummer and pianist who has been playing professionally in cities across Canada, USA, and India for the past 17 [...]

Joanna Path

Joanna Path Vocal, Ukulele and Songwriting Instructor Joanna is an award-winning singer-songwriter and performer who teaches students from around the country. She has been on the Canadian music [...]

Julian Taylor

Julian Taylor Songwriting Instructor Julian Taylor is a charismatic front man, prolific songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who masterfully re-combines and updates the many vintage [...]

Kyle Nethersole

Kyle Nethersole Guitar, Vocal, Piano, Bass and Songwriting Instructor Kyle Nethersole is a performing musician, music producer, and music teacher. His passion for all things musical led him to [...]

Neil Quin

Neil Quin Guitar, Songwriting and Band Instructor Neil Quin is one of three singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists in Toronto-based rock band Zeus. Since 2008, Zeus released three albums on the [...]