Bernard Julien, Drums and Band Instructor at Mint Music

Bernard Julien

Drums and Band Instructor

With extensive Live Performance & International Touring experience with major label artist(s),
Bernard Julien embraced Pop music at an early age, as well Rock, Funk, R&B, & Jazz. This led to a strong hybrid approach to drums/percussion involving both the acoustic and electronic drums. Growing up in New York City’s hyper competitive music scene, at 19 years old Bernard (and friends) won a National Competition held by global Music Publisher SESAC & was immediately thrust into the professional world. He has 10 years experience of Touring Arenas, Festivals, TV appearances, & teaching in person. Now calling Toronto his long term home, Bernard champions speaking fluently in the language of music, along with reading & writing it.

This is accomplished through a tailored approach that respects the many different ways people process information, as well as encouraging contextual learning through songs. He takes audio, visual, & tactile learners on an engaging fun journey with customizable exercises including Drumless tracks, rhythm exploration, & time breakdowns. Bernard strongly believes that all skill levels and genres can benefit from a hands on approach that seamlessly blends these methods to assist you in achieving your musical goals.

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