Chris Chinchilla, Vocal Instructor at Mint Music

Chris Chinchilla

Vocal Instructor

Chris Chinchilla is a professional singer, singing teacher, live performance coach, bandleader, vocal harmony arranger, and music Theory tutor. He has worked as a full-time professional singer his entire adult life, and has recorded hundreds of master recordings as a studio session singer, and for TV/film soundtracks.

Chris has extensive live performing experience as a Lead Vocalist in hundreds of premier venues throughout the GTA, and has completed a dozen National tours of Canada/US performing in concert venues for many hundreds of thousands of people. He has sung with many bands, groups, and 8-piece bands; for corporate functions, original and cover-band club gigs, solo concerts, large public events, theatrical shows, and private events. As a freelance Lead Singer, Chris has sung virtually every style of music professionally; Top 40 Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Prog-Rock, Big Band, Retro, R&R classics, Musical Theatre, ‘a cappella’ SATB Vocal Quartets, Choral and lyric-Classical. He’s worked with many highly trained musicians, as well as highly skilled ‘untrained natural’ singers who ‘sing by-ear’, so appreciates the best of both worlds.

Chris has trained at the Banff School of Fine Arts (full scholarship), StFX University Jazz Program, Royal Conservatory, and has formal training with some of the top singing-voice teachers in Canada/US, Speech-level Singing, also many workshops and seminars. He grew up as a competitive lead/soloist trumpet player, playing Big Band, Jazz and Classical trumpet, winning National and Provincial competitions, also playing keyboards, percussion and other instruments.

As a Bandleader, Vocal Arranger, and vocal contractor, he has lead many bands and groups, currently running an ‘a cappella’ singing group, which he books for live events and in TV/film. He also works as an Actor, a Speaker, and as a collaborative songwriter in recording projects.

Chris has a calling as a private singing teacher, in-studio vocal coach, and Live Performance coach, working with aspiring singers to established pro’s, from film actors and athletes, to award winning recording artists. He works very carefully with singers to discover their own natural voice, expressed in their own unique style. Highly dedicated to his singers, he even offers 24/7 remote support if needed. He’s helped singers land paying gigs in working cover bands, original bands, paying solo guitar/voice and Duo gigs, track shows, and succeed in highly competitive singing competitions.

His students have won admission through audition to numerous Commercial, Jazz and Classical University Vocal programs, Performing Arts high schools, with many students scoring from 100% to the high 90’s on their singing tests. As a music Theory tutor, he coaches students through University Level Jazz Theory, RCM Advanced Rudiments, and Harmony. He works with clients on self-tape videos, recordings, harmony singing, stage presence, vocal Riffs, Range, ear-training, sight-singing, mic and monitor technique, On-Camera singing, overcoming stage-fright, live show staging, and all aspects of singing performance.

Chris co-designed the vocal exercises in the App ‘Voice Training – Learn To Sing’ which has over 5 million downloads, with his YouTube tutorial videos at 1.2 million views. He has a mission to bring the fun of great singing to the general public through private teaching, Apps, Workshops and Masterclasses. He’s currently recording his own vocals in-studio in Toronto, and also doing in-studio vocal coaching for emerging Artist’s recording projects.

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