Diego Madariaga, Guitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording and Mixing Instructor at Mint Music

Diego Madariaga

Guitar, Songwriting, Band, Recording and Mixing Instructor

Diego Madariaga is a Chilean songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and educator. His journey studying electric guitar and writing songs started 21 years ago.

Diego’s educational background has included the study of multiple instruments, music composition, studio recording techniques, post-production, music industry and business management. As an artist, Diego has written and produced with singers from all around the globe and performed in different venues in Chile and Australia. You can find him in digital music platforms as “Diego Mar.” As an educator, Diego has been teaching for nearly a decade. Through private lessons and workshops, his focus is on high quality education that motivates and inspires students of all ages.

Diego’s educational methods include holistic activities that incorporate body awareness, creativity, communication, music theory, music instrument interpretation, art appreciation, collaboration, self development and goal setting. He is committed to creating personalized study programs that keep the student engaged and practicing regularly. And for students that want to follow a professional music career, Diego’s extensive music industry knowledge can easily be incorporated into lessons.

Diego’s mission is to get the best of his students. Always encouraging, supporting and guiding his students to discover the wonderful benefits of music.

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