Kyle Windjack, Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Trumpet and Drums Instructor at MintMusic

Kyle Windjack

Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Trumpet and Drums Instructor

Kyle Windjack is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been a prominent figure in the Toronto music scene for over a decade. As a sideman he has supported dozens of acts including grammy award winning artists Christian McBride and Anderson Paak.

Kyle graduated from Humber College where he studied jazz performance and music production with some of the world’s foremost musicians. Kyle is a prolific songwriter in addition to his session experience. He can often be found performing his original songs in venues from Toronto to Los Angeles.

His teaching ideology focuses on balancing creativity and structure. “I think the best way to learn music… at least for me is to work on less but to learn it better. I like to work on something small and do it until you don’t have to think about it any more and you can start to experiment from there. I find that if you do this right, you can become a better musician every time you pick up your instrument and that’s really motivating for me.”

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