Magesh Magesh

Drum Instructor

I have been lucky enough to play drums for Lionel Richie, Rhianna, Ricky Martin, Chris Brown, Kimbra, Nelly Furtado, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Daniel Merriweather, the Pussycat¬†Dolls, and Delta Goodrem. I have taught for over 20 years and pride myself on being able to teach a complete beginner a basic beat in their first lesson. In 2005 I released an instructional drumming DVD called ‘Unique Beats’ which was released worldwide by the Hal Leonard Corporation.¬† My knowledge of electronic percussion led to me doing drum clinics for the Roland Corporation. I have appeared in music magazines from Australia, Italy, New Zealand, The USA, UK, and Canada.



Teaching in Drum Kit
I teach drum kit from beginners to advanced students aged 7 and up. I have created a really simple system to help students read and understand music. Once a student learns basic technique, timing, and reading there are many different styles they can learn. I am open-minded and flexible in lessons to what a student wants to learn after they know the basics – whether they want to know how to play a drum solo or just songs from their favorite bands.

I teach all styles of music including pop, funk, jazz, rock, hip hop, and heavy metal.

First Lesson
I always start the first lesson by asking the student why they want to play the drums. This gives me an idea of what to teach them after they have practiced the basics. In the first lesson, I teach how to hold sticks, basic timing, technique, and also how to play a basic beat.

Ideally, students will have a drum kit and sticks for their lessons. A rubber practice pad and sticks are also ok but having a drum kit gives the student a lot more options for what they can learn.

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