Neil Quin, Guitar, Songwriting and Band Instructor at Mint Music

Neil Quin

Guitar, Songwriting and Band Instructor

Neil Quin is one of three singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists in Toronto-based rock band Zeus. Since 2008, Zeus released three albums on the record label Arts & Crafts (Say Us, 2010; Busting Visions, 2012; Classic Zeus, 2014), won the XM Canada Verge Music Award for Album of the Year (2011), been longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize (2010), charted on Canadian rock radio (“Hot Under the Collar,” 2010; “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?,” 2011), and served as the backing band for Jason Collett and Bahamas. 

He’s the singer/songwriter behind Zeus’ top three original songs on Spotify — “Marching Through Your Head” (87.28 million), “Marching Through Your Head” (87.28 million), and “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?” (2.89 million plays). 

Before Zeus, Neil was a member of Toronto rock band The Golden Dogs. Since joining Zeus, Neil has also performed on albums by Jason Collett, Bunny, Doctor Ew, Sam Cash, Brave Shores, Carleton Stone, Wax Atlantic, The Young Novelists, Marlon Chaplin and Matt Mays.

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